Yaz Lawsuits

Every day more women are reporting side effects they have experienced as a result of their prescription of Yaz. The numbers continue to rise, and it is obvious that there are dangers in taking this form of birth control. Yaz and contraceptive medications that are similar to Yaz have been producing side effects like heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, gallbladder disease, and many other complications. Yaz uses drospireonone, a synthetically made from of progestin, as do several other contraceptive drugs. Drospireonone is effective in preventing pregnancy.

History of Yaz

Bertex Laboratories created Yaz in 2001. At this time it was called Yasmin. Bayer Healthcare took over the Bertex Company in 2006 and reintroduced the product as Yaz after FDA approval. Over the last three years, Yaz has turned into not just the most popular birth control method in the U.S. but the most profitable as well. Bayer has done a major marketing campaign in order to accomplish this, even making it a favorite of doctors around the country. But these rigorous marketing campaigns have been criticized because they are misleading and sometimes not even true.

FDA Involvement

The Food and Drug Administration was responsible for pointing out for the first time the problems with the marketing of this product. While still a Bertex product, The FDA claimed that they were not giving the public adequate information about Yasmin’s side effects and that Bertex was making unproven claims that their product was superior to competitive products. Five years after this, Bayer was pushing the superiority of Yaz even harder and the FDA warned them that their claims were misleading to the public. They went on to let Bayer know that it was unacceptable for them to sell Yaz for any purpose other than birth control. The FDA had only approved Yaz for use as birth control and to treat mild acne and PMDD, but Bayer was advertising it as a treatment for acne, premenstrual syndrome, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

Currently, Bayer has paid over $20 million in ad campaigns that are meant to correct their earlier statements about the uses of Yaz and its side effects. Many women have suffered from its harmful side effects or developed serious health conditions as a result of their false advertising campaign.

Yaz Side Effects

It is alleged that Yaz causes side effects as dangerous as heart attack, strokes, blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, and gallbladder disease. It is also thought that there are other medium and minor side effects of Yaz that can eventually lead to serious health issues over time. If you think you are experiencing any of these side effect, no matter the reason that your were prescribed Yaz, you should see a doctor and get treatment.

Even after all of the reports of serious health issues and its many side effects, Bayer still markets Yaz and it is still being prescribed. It is still one of the most popular birth control methods in the U.S. Bayer is being irresponsible to patients by continuing to produce and sell Yaz. Patients who have suffered from any of these side effects have every right to legal representation and to be compensated for their medical expenses and the suffering they have endured. It is your legal right to seek the advice of an attorney if you feel taking Yaz has harmed you.