Yasmin Lawsuits

More and more women who have experienced Yasmin side effects and suffered injuries because of them are filing Yasmin lawsuits. They do this with the assistance of personal injury attorneys who have experience putting together and presenting these cases related to Yasmin.

Yasmin is a birth control pill containing drospirenone that is produced and distributed by Berlex Laboratories, Inc. The pill is also prescribed to treat mild cases of acne and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), which is an intensified version of premenstrual syndrome.

Yasmin has reportedly caused a number of serious side effects since the FDA approved it in 2001. Anyone injured while taking the drug may be due compensation from Berlex laboratories.

Serious Side Effects

The more serious Yasmin side effects include:

· Blood clots
· Lumps in the breasts
· Heart attack
· Depression
· High cholesterol
· High blood pressure
· Damage to the kidneys
· Liver damage which is characterized by stomach pain, dark urine, and/or jaundice
· Migraines
· Stroke
· Allergic reactions that manifest as swelling in the face or tongue, difficulty breathing, and hives
· Blood clots that block the lung’s airways (pulmonary embolisms) that can hinder breathing and keep oxygen from getting into the blood

Many of these side effects can even be life threatening. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered the makers of Yasmin to alter their sales campaigns, alleging that these campaigns overstated Yasmin’s abilities and failed to effectively explain the possible side effects.

If a woman experiences any of these side effects, she should seek emergency medical attention right away in order to prevent more complications and to possibly save her life.

When Seeking Legal Counsel

Women who believe they have been harmed by taking Yasmin and wish to pursue a lawsuit should first set up an initial meeting with an attorney experienced in Yasmin lawsuits. In this meeting, they can:

· Learn if their claim against Berlex Laboratories, Inc. is provable
· Find out about the entire process involved with putting together and winning a lawsuit
· Learn what the possible settlements may be if the case is settled out of court. These will be based on awards paid in other similar cases.
· Receive advice on whether an individual case or joining an existing Yasmin class action suit against is the best option.

Class Action Lawsuits

Women whose cases are better suited for class actions suits are those who:

· Have Yasmin injuries that are less serious
· Don’t want to be closely involved with the entire process
· Are unwilling to risk that the settlement will be smaller. The point of class action suits is to spread the awards evenly among all of the plaintiffs whose injuries are similar.

Those women who do take advantage of their legal right to pursue a lawsuit can delay paying their legal fees since Yasmin lawyers work on a contingency basis. Women who win can receive compensation for hospital bills, rehabilitation and other ongoing costs, lost wages, any permanent disabilities, and pain and suffering.