Senior Citizen Safety with Medication

Whether you are a senior citizen, or the caretaker of a senior citizen, being aware of the risks of accidental medicinal poisoning is very important to ensuring safety. If you are aging and beginning to have numerous prescriptions, the various medications can be confusing, leading to mistakes in taking the medication which could cause poisoning through improper combination or overuse. While you may have a schedule by which to take your medication, the various types can still become quite confusing, and taking numerous medications at once can still be a bit dangerous. It is important to understand just what you should do to remain safe from medication poisoning.

Following Important Guidelines

To avoid medicinal poisoning, you can follow several important guidelines that will ensure you are taking the medicine you are intended to take, at the time you are supposed to take it, and with the medication it is safe to be taken with. Following these guidelines is an option, but if you want to avoid accidental poisoning, you will be wise and follow these guidelines to ensure proper taking of medication.

Keep a Medicine List

Keeping a list that details and describes each medication that you are taking, whether generic or name brand, will ensure that you are always aware of just what you are taking, or administering if you are a care taker. You can keep this list with your medication in order to have it there if you aren’t sure if you are taking the right pill or other type of medication.

Maintain Constant Doctor Contact

You should maintain constant communication with your doctor or pharmacist to ensure that they are aware of medications you may be allergic to, or any side effects you have experienced. It is very important that you keep contact to ensure they are aware of what you are taking at all times, and just how you are reacting.

Understand Your Meds

Of course you aren’t going to be able to know just what medication is for what and how it is going to react to you, but taking the time to learn your medication can ensure there are no accidental mix-ups. If you are aware of what you are taking and how you react to it, you will be able to understand when something goes wrong and just why.

Use a Primary Pharmacy

If you are only interacting with one pharmacy and become well-known and familiar with that pharmacy, you will get much better and comprehensive services. As you are prescribed medication, and as your prescriptions are being filled, you want to know that there are professionals ensuring that you are getting the right and safest medication.

Identify Medical Interactions

If you have any side effects to the medications you are taking, or with the combination of medications that you don’t feel is right, you must write it down so you are able to remember and inform your physician. It is important that the physician is notified immediately in case discontinuing a medication is necessary to ensure safety.

Keeping Everything in Control

Keeping a routine to follow, in which you follow a strict schedule of medication taking will ensure that you aren’t mixing up medications or making other mistakes. Having complete control also means maintaining a source of contact in case there are any issues or emergencies in which you need help.

If you feel that you are suffering from even minor medication poisoning or an issue with medication you are taking, inform your care taker or physician immediately. You should do all you can to prevent accidental harm due to medications.