Yasmin and Strokes

Strokes are one of the more serious and sometimes fatal side effects of the oral contraceptive Yasmin. Yasmin is the brand name of the generic oral contraceptive drospirenone that works by altering the lining of a woman’s cervix and uterus in order to prevent pregnancy. This pill is taken in a dosage of 24 pills that contain synthetically made progestin and 4 pills that are placebos.

Yasmin is often prescribed to treat moderate cases of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), a condition that causes insomnia, severe cramping, and other incapacitating symptoms. Yasmin can also be used for mild cases of acne.

When Taking Yasmin

It has been shown that Yasmin has a number of serious side effects, some of which may be fatal. Stroke is just one of these side effects. Since some of these side effects are so serious, it is extremely important women taking Yasmin or thinking of taking Yasmin should:

· Ensure that their doctor knows their complete medical history
· Are completely aware of all the side effects of Yasmin and their symptoms
· Get medical treatment right away if they do experience the symptoms of a Yasmin-related stroke

Symptoms of a Stroke

Anyone who takes Yasmin should be aware of these symptoms of a stroke:

· Headache
· Numbness on one side of the body
· Difficulty speaking and/or walking
· Blurry vision, double vision, or seeing black

Unfortunately, there are cases where a woman will not have any warning symptoms before suffering a Yasmin stroke.

Additional Health Risk Factors

There are women who are at a higher risk of having a stroke while taking Yasmin birth control. The following factors may put a woman more at risk:

· A history of diabetes
· Excessive use of alcohol or illegal drugs such as cocaine
· High cholesterol
· Hormone therapy
· High blood pressure
· Smoking
· Obesity
· Past strokes

A woman over 35 and one whose family history includes stroke will also be more likely to experience a Yasmin stroke.

Upon Experiencing Symptoms of a Stroke

Following a stroke, a woman should:

· Seek emergency medical help to save their lives
· Stick to any and all treatments prescribed that will help get their health back
· Work with their doctor to determine another form of birth control

Women using Yasmin or having used Yasmin may also want to consult a personal injury attorney to see if they are eligible for a lawsuit against Bayer, the manufacturer of Yasmin. The attorney can explain the process and what it takes to win such a lawsuit; give them an estimate of what a settlement might be based on similar cases; and explain the pros and cons of an individual lawsuit versus joining a class action suite.

Women who are recovering from a Yasmin stroke may receive compensation for all of their medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and pain and suffering.