Yasmin Side Effects

Yasmin is the brand name of the generic birth control medication called drospirenone, which is a synthetically produced form of the hormone progestin. It works by making it virtually impossible for an egg to be fertilized by a sperm as well as for the egg to attach itself to the lining of the uterus. Yasmin is also marketed under the name Yaz.

Yasmin is prescribed in a pack of 24 active hormone pills and 4 placebos. When taken as directed, Yasmin has been shown to be 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy.

Some women, however, develop serious side effects when taking Yasmin, some of which can be life threatening. Those women who do experience severe side effects may be eligible for compensation for the resulting injuries. This is accomplished by filing an injury lawsuit against the company that makes and distributes Yasmin - Berlex Laboratories.

Serious Side Effects

These serious side effects of Yasmin are rare, but if they are not treated they can significantly damage a woman’s health. They include:

· Blood clots
· Lumps in the breast
· Heart attack
· High blood pressure
· High cholesterol
· Damage to the liver – This can manifest itself as stomach pain, dark urine, migraines, and jaundice.
· Migraines
· Pulmonary embolism – These are blood clots that block the airways in the lung. They can seriously impair the ability to breath and stop the supply of oxygen to the blood.
· Strokes
· Unusual vaginal bleeding

Symptoms of Yasmin Side Effects

The symptoms of these side effects include things like:

· Pain in the abdomen
· Swelling, sensitivity, or pain in a single area of the skin. (This may be a sign of a blood clot.)
· Impaired vision which could include blurry, blackened or double vision
· Chest pain
· Feelings of hopelessness and despair
· Trouble breathing
· Numb feeling on one side of the body
· Lightheadedness
· Feeling disoriented or confused

Any woman who experiences any of these symptoms should seek emergency medical care immediately in order to prevent the condition from getting worse and causing further damage.

Additional Health Risks

Some women are at a higher risk of suffering from severe side effects of Yasmin. This includes women who many have a history of:

· Disorders of the adrenal glands
· Disorders that cause blood clotting
· Excessive use of alcohol
· Jaundice brought on by contraception
· Heart disease or other heart-related issues
· Cancers like breast or uterine cancer that may have been caused by hormones
· Hormone therapy
· High blood pressure
· High cholesterol
· Obesity
· Smoking
· Stroke

When Experiencing Side Effects

Before taking Yasmin for birth control, women should become familiar with the possible risks to their health that can be attributed to Yasmin. This will help them recognize the symptoms if they experience them. When a woman does experience some of the symptoms of these serious side effects while taking Yasmin, they should get medical attention to have their condition controlled.

At that point, they should look for legal assistance and learn if they have a viable case against Berlex Laboratories, Inc. Compensation in a Yasmin lawsuit can be for such things as hospital and doctors bills, rehabilitation and ongoing treatment, lost wages, permanent disabilities, and emotional pain and suffering.