Yaz Side Effects

The prescription oral contraceptive, Yaz, has been under close scrutiny in the last year as claims have been made that the information the drug’s manufacturer, Bayer, provides to its users about the severity of Yaz’s side effects is either misleading or missing altogether. Yaz is primarily used as a method of birth control for women, but it is also prescribed to girls 14 and older as a treatment for acne.

As required by the FDA, Yaz went through clinical trials, but the side effects of birth control medication can’t be entirely verified with clinical testing since its effect cannot be compared against those of a placebo. If someone were given a placebo rather than the contractive pill being tested, this could result in pregnancy. This means that the typical clinical test is not possible, leaving room for the risk of side effects.

Yaz is prescribed more than any other contraceptive medication and thus there have already been an array of cases of serious injuries and side effects that could be fatal. These severe health complications include:

Heart attack
• Blood clotting or deep vein thrombosis
• Sudden death
Gallbladder disease
• Pulmonary embolisms

There are also less serious side effects of Yaz. These can eventually grow into more serious complications. Therefore, anyone who is using Yaz for any reason should contact their doctor right away even if they experience these more minor side effects:

• Headaches
• Increased appetite
• Decreased libido
• Vaginal bleeding between periods
• Weight gain
• Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
• Stomach pain
• Vaginal discharge or yeast infections

The following side effects are mildly serious and still require the attention of a doctor:

• Hair loss
• Dark spots or freckles on the skin
• Vaginal discharge and irritation
• Swelling in the feet and hands
• Irregularities in the monthly period
• Irritated eyes
• Loss of appetite

Occasionally, Yaz can cause serious allergic reactions and require medical attention right away. These reactions can manifest as troubles breathing and swallowing, hives, and facial swelling.

Anyone using Yaz for birth control or to treat acne who experiences the following major side effects, should seek medical attention immediately in order to avoid permanent health issues:

• Heavy mood swings
• Insomnia or unusual difficulties sleeping
• Weakness
• Chest pain
• A lump in a breast
• Skin discoloration
• Sever stomach pain
• Migraines
• Numbness in any of the extremities
• Problems with vision

More reports of misleading information, accusations, allegations, and negligence by Bayer are surfacing all the time. Therefore, it is crucial that anyone who is prescribed Yaz knows that the drug is potentially dangerous and should be aware of their legal rights regarding Yaz. If you or someone you know has been harmed by taking Yaz you may be entitled to a claim.