Humira lawsuit brewing in Tennessee

According to a Bloomberg news report this week, Humira is at the center of another lawsuit because of related side effects. This suit involves a Tennessee man who claims that the popular arthritis drug led to a fungal infection that proved to be somewhat life threatening.

Abbott Laboratories, the manufacturer of Humira, is said to have filed a letter in 2010 to physicians which outlined the risk of fungal infection that may come with Humira use, according to the report. The problem with this is that Abbott may have known about the risks long before they issued proper warnings.

The news report states that the Tennessee man began using Humira in September 2008. Bloomberg news stated that around the same time, the US Food and Drug Administration required Abbott to warn physicians of the first fatal risks involved with Humira, including histoplasmosis.

The Bloomberg news claimed that the man took Humira in conjunction with methotrexate, a suppressant prescribed to numerous arthritis patients. The article also stated that Abbott is alleged to have known this information for nearly a year and half, as the drug was first marketed in early 2007.

Humira has been the subject of numerous lawsuits throughout the past couple years. As a major arthritis drug, Humira has been reported to increase the risk of numerous side effects besides fungal infection, including optic nerve damage, lymphoma, vision issues and other nerve damage. Abbott has consistently been the subject of lawsuits because of their alleged inability to keep awareness of the possible risks of Humira at a proper level.

Originally developed as a tumor blocking and biologic drug, Humira was released by Abbott in 2003 as a major treatment for arthritis patients. Before controversy in recent years, Humira had been approved to treat a number of other conditions as well. The article states that since Humira’s introduction in 2003, it’s been approved by the FDA to treat five other illnesses besides arthritis, including Chron’s disease

According to the news report, Humira is one of the most popular drugs in the world, totaling yearly sales around $6.55 billion. The article also states that research company EvaluatePharma is forecasting Humira to be the world’s most lucrative drug before the year 2016.


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