Johnson & Johnson Announces Another Recall of Children’s Tylenol

Sales of Johnson & Johnson pain relievers have plummeted after a string of recalls have been announced. An eighth recall was announced on Thursday, as the company has lost tens of millions of dollars. Johnson & Johnson's McNeil consumer health care unit recalled 21 lots of products recently. One of the many products included was Children's Tylenol, which was also recalled earlier in January due to a nauseating chemical on shipping platforms. Since then sales of Children's Tylenol have dropped almost 96 percent.

Johnson & Johnson recalled more than 130 million bottles of children’s and infants’ liquid medicines in April, saying that the products "may not meet required quality standards.” These products may have contained dangerous excessive amounts of active ingredients or may even contain tiny metal particles. The recalls have been caused by a lack of quality control within the company itself.

A market research firm has shown that Johnson & Johnson pain reliever products in New Brunswick, NJ have fallen 56 percent compared to sales from a year earlier. Sales of store brand pain relievers have jumped 23 percent, and a decrease in the sales of products such as Tylenol and Motrin have placed Johnson & Johnson behind their rival companies Bayer and Wyeth.

Along with millions of dollars in revenue being lost, recalls of Johnson & Johnson pain relievers have damaged their reputation and will even come to hurt the sales of their iconic baby products and Band-Aids. The company has sent buyers coupons in hopes of bringing them back to the company, but judging by current sales trends, customers are not responding well.